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Piedalies “Latvijas DH kauss” un laimē!

Neoficiāli: pirmais BIKEPARK Latvijā

Downhill.lv grib paziņot to, ka ir parādījusies iecere Siguldas Pilsētas trasē atvērt kaut ko jaunu un nebijušu. Mums par labu, tās būs trases priekš riteņbraucējiem.

Tāpēc aicinām ikvienu, kam ir iespēja, ierasties nākam pirmdien (19.12), plkst 10:00 ierasties uz Siguldas Pilsētas trasi, lai kopīgi apsvērtu iespējas, kas paveras šajā nogāze. Kā, Kārlis Kišuro teica, jo vairāk cilvēku, vairāk viedokļu, jo labāk!

Photo report: Latvian DH Series #5, Riekstukalns

Take a break and get soaked into last report from Latvian Downhill Series.


Lads from ”Two wheel generation” looking for the best line

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Latvian Downhill Series #5, Mežkalni

mezkalniTHIS IS IT! Final round of Latvian Downhill Series is here!!!

This venue also was forgotten for some time, last race here was in 2014, where on short notice Gusts managed to organise Latvian Nationals. Enough with the history… in short about next weekend: there will be 3 tracks, which will include some parts from Latvian National 2014 tracks, but mostly you’ll see fresh track, therefore prepare for lots of loose loam and different line options, also we are planning to build some rock gardens.

Stay tuned for more info!



Overall ranking


Summary: Latvian DH Series #4, Ozolkalns

Take a throwback to the past race at Ozolkalns, which was organised with the help of Ozolkalns. Thanks to our sponsors  for delivering goodies: Redbull energy drinks, Zigazi LV design and bicycle studio, Force Fix service equipment distributor and Malduguns brewery.

LDS #4 Results

Overall ranking after round 4

Bunch of photos from Ozolkalns by Toms Ivanovs

Small photo report from Ozolkalns


Photo report: Latvian DH Series #4, Ozolkalns

In the fourth round of Latvian Downhill Series there were 53 riders competing in 5 different classes. This race was somewhat notable, because it had the most riders so far and also for the first time in years we had 4 junior class riders from Latvia. Ok, let’s move to something more interesting. Enjoy the photos!

– It's always important to capture some downhill action in the pre-race morning training.

– It’s always important to capture some downhill action in the pre-race morning training.

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