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Piedalies “Latvijas DH kauss” un laimē!

Photo report: Latvian DH Series #5, Riekstukalns

Take a break and get soaked into last report from Latvian Downhill Series.


Lads from ”Two wheel generation” looking for the best line

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Latvian Downhill Championship 2016

This is happening… real downhill has finally reached us. At Kordes slopes you will witness some of the steepest and demanding courses in Latvia. Also we’ll see who has the most expierence in tackling Kordes gravity. Fastest riders will recieve outstanding prizes from ZIGAZI and other sponsors.

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Are you ready for the biggest DH event around?

The most epic DOWNHILL  event is here!!! Are you ready???






Baltic DH Championships 2016

The biggest and most intense DH race of the year is here! 2 days race action with many other activities for spectators and riders who are too afraid to take part in this awsome event. 1st – 3rd July, Latvia, Baldone, Riekstukalns…


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Baltic DH Cup 2015 Awarding & Party

17th of October will be the day when we will come together one more time this year, to ride and celebrate DH season’s ending.

dh-final 2015-v2

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