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Video: Latvian Downhill Championship 2016

Epilogue: Latvian Downhill Championship 2016 @ KORDE

What an epic battle was held at Kordes hillside.  Together we celebrated the reborn of downhill in Latvia. It was pleasure to see that many people at Latvian Downhill Championship 2016. Also we must admit that this wasn’t easy for us, it took almost 700 manpower hours to revive this venue.  However, in the end sometimes things don’t go as planned.  

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Latvian Downhill Championship 2016

This is happening… real downhill has finally reached us. At Kordes slopes you will witness some of the steepest and demanding courses in Latvia. Also we’ll see who has the most expierence in tackling Kordes gravity. Fastest riders will recieve outstanding prizes from ZIGAZI and other sponsors.

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Baltic DH Championships 2016 – RESULTS

Two different days, one with sand dusty hotness and other with thunderstormy rain, 4 runs, 63 riders from 5 countries, done the best what they can to fight for the best Riders statuss! Here are the official results from Baltic DH Championships…

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Downhill.lv sadarbībā ar veikalu Gandrs piedāvā:

Ņem dalību Baltic DH Championships 2016, kas norisināsies no 1-3.jūlijam Riekstukalnā, un laimē savā īpašumā jaunu Merida Freddy Team DH rāmi ar amortizatoru.

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