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Troy Lee Designs Latvija

Arī mēs ar lielu prieku paziņojam Troy Lee Designs ienākšanu Latvijā!

Izvēlies ekipējumu no un sazinies ar pārstāvniecību Latvijā – MX Distribution, rakstot uz e-pastu  vai zvani +371 29710722.

*Sportistiem un sporta klubiem īpaši draudzīgas cenas!

Seko “Troy Lee Designs Latvia” facebook lapai un uzzini par visām aktualitātēm pirmais, kā arī gatavojieties 2017. gada Downhill sezonai, jo balvu fonds un tā dažādība tikai pieaugs!

Personības Dalīšanās

Apskati video par to ko Gusts Ošmucnieks domā, kad brauc lejā pa kalnu.  Itālija, Livigno, Mottolino Bike parks, 2016.gada septembris.

The overall results of Latvian downhill series 2016

It was  a fairly interesting season indeed and top class race runs were provided by riders who were  battling side by side for them top spots. Of course, at the end of day, the results are what all of us are looking for. So here it goes – the overall results of Latvian Downhill series 2016.



Photo report: Latvian DH Series #5, Riekstukalns

Take a break and get soaked into last report from Latvian Downhill Series.


Lads from ”Two wheel generation” looking for the best line

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Battle for the top spot: LDS #5, Mežkalni

As everyone knows, Latvian Downhill Series #5 – Finals @ Mežkalni will approach in less than 4 days. There’s a reason why this stage will be more intense than other.
Wondering if that’s easy tracks and there will be close competition? Close…. but actually it’s because of battle for the overall tittle.
Look further down and you’ll get informed about the main contenders for the top spot in each class.

Currently leader in Junior class is Gerardas Kazokas with 120 points and Armin Pilv in the 2nd place with 102 points.


In Masters Gusts Ošmucnieks is in the lead with only 4 point advantage over Reinis Simsons. In this battle winner takes all!


Over at Hobby HT class in the lead with 148 points sits Armands Mežinskis and Jānis Koluškins with 130 points is right on his heels.


Another tight battle is between Reinis Mednis with 80 points and Jānis Melnis (94 points).


In the battle for the Elite class overal Kārlis Kišuro has ensured the biggest lead for the top spot than any other class. However Juris Luščenoks has chance to take the overall if Kārlis would decide not to participate in final race of the 2016 season.


Latvian Downhill Series #5, Mežkalni

mezkalniTHIS IS IT! Final round of Latvian Downhill Series is here!!!

This venue also was forgotten for some time, last race here was in 2014, where on short notice Gusts managed to organise Latvian Nationals. Enough with the history… in short about next weekend: there will be 3 tracks, which will include some parts from Latvian National 2014 tracks, but mostly you’ll see fresh track, therefore prepare for lots of loose loam and different line options, also we are planning to build some rock gardens.

Stay tuned for more info!



Overall ranking


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