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Podium: Latvijas DH čempionāts 2017

Par Latvijas čempionu sesto reizi pēc kārtas kļūst Kārlis Kišuro, aiz sevis atstājot Mārtiņu Bērziņu un Tāli Liepiņu trešajā vietā!


Rezultāti: Latvijas Downhill kauss #3 – Korde

Foto: Evija Ziediņa

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Results: Latvijas DH kauss #2 – Korde

And here we have it, what a race, what a weekend! It was nice to see so many riders at this hill, because usually riders when riding in Korde begin to contemplate, whether compete or not. Thank you everyone who participated at Latvian Downhill Cup #2 – Korde!

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The overall results of Latvian downhill series 2016

It was  a fairly interesting season indeed and top class race runs were provided by riders who were  battling side by side for them top spots. Of course, at the end of day, the results are what all of us are looking for. So here it goes – the overall results of Latvian Downhill series 2016.



Summary: Latvian DH Series #4, Ozolkalns

Take a throwback to the past race at Ozolkalns, which was organised with the help of Ozolkalns. Thanks to our sponsors  for delivering goodies: Redbull energy drinks, Zigazi LV design and bicycle studio, Force Fix service equipment distributor and Malduguns brewery.

LDS #4 Results

Overall ranking after round 4

Bunch of photos from Ozolkalns by Toms Ivanovs

Small photo report from Ozolkalns


Epilogue: Latvian Downhill Championship 2016 @ KORDE

What an epic battle was held at Kordes hillside.  Together we celebrated the reborn of downhill in Latvia. It was pleasure to see that many people at Latvian Downhill Championship 2016. Also we must admit that this wasn’t easy for us, it took almost 700 manpower hours to revive this venue.  However, in the end sometimes things don’t go as planned.  

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