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Baltijas Downhill Kauss 2019

Video: 2018. gada Baltijas DH sezona

Baltic DH Cup Finals – VIDEO

Here is small video from our Belarussian friends… how they spent time here in Latvia, rode bikes and partyed.


Thanks for the good times!

Baltijas labākie DH braucējas/braucēji un komandas 2015. gadā

Aizvadītajā nedēļas nogalē nepiespiestā atmosfērā, kādā Tukuma viesu namā norisinājās Baltijas labāko braucēju apbalvošana, Gandrs rāmji atrada saimniekus, Ashes to Agassiz filmas skatīšanās, Beer Pong čempionāts, pirts un kārtīga disene pa godu aizvadītajam raibajam downhill gadam.


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Baltic DH Cup 2015 Awarding & Party

17th of October will be the day when we will come together one more time this year, to ride and celebrate DH season’s ending.

dh-final 2015-v2

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Baltic DH Cup 2015 Prizewinners


We would like to invite all these people and of course all their friends, relatives and Downhill entusiasts to Baltic DH Cup Awarding Party… SO no exuses!

17th October, Saturday, will be the day!


See ya! More INFO tommorow!

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