What an epic battle was held at Kordes hillside.  Together we celebrated the reborn of downhill in Latvia. It was pleasure to see that many people at Latvian Downhill Championship 2016. Also we must admit that this wasn’t easy for us, it took almost 700 manpower hours to revive this venue.  However, in the end sometimes things don’t go as planned.  

Top 5 riders:

  1. Kārlis Kišuro 1:47.98
  2. Juris Luščenoks 1:53.72
  3. Toms Miks Andersons 1:56.37
  4.  Krišjānis Lejnieks 1:56.85
  5.  Ansis Blumbergs 1:57.90

We would like to thank everyone for being at Korde and this event couldn’t have happened without the help of Kišuro family, Kaspars Korde and our volunteers. Big props to them!

Last but not least we would like to thank our sponsors for delivering goodies. Thanks to Kordes trase, Redbull energy drinks, Zigazi LV design and bicycle studio, Force Fix service equipment distributor, Malduguns brewery and active lifestyle company Gandrs.