Baltic DH Cup Finals – VIDEO

Here is small video from our Belarussian friends… how they spent time here in Latvia, rode bikes and partyed.


Thanks for the good times!


Baltijas labākie DH braucējas/braucēji un komandas 2015. gadā


INTERVIJA – Reinis Mārtiņš Priedītis


  1. he looked like a Romney supporter. When he asked why, the Armenian propietress mockingly said it was because he looked like he had "a stick up his ass". The mocking and jeering continued throughout his act and at the end he said, hajfklo-ingly, that he should have voted for Romney.

  2. Hallo :)Du hast echt n' super Blog!! Gefällt mir sehr gut!Weiter so!!Bin sofort mal Leser geworden :))Wäre toll wenn du mal bei mir reinschauen würdest und mich vielleicht auch verfolgst :)Liebe GrüßeYannick(

  3. "Astonishingly beautiful" is a most apt description I'm still trying to figure out the actual construction of this item of clothing (I have to word for it). Outerwear? What, exactly besides "astonishingly beautiful"?

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