17th of October will be the day when we will come together one more time this year, to ride and celebrate DH season’s ending.

dh-final 2015-v2

During daytime you all are welcomed to ride in brand new Freeride location called Āžukalns (Goathill) we will have photographer Kaspars Alksnis here to take photos with you, and dont forget your GoPros to film awsome lines…
In evening, 5 minutes from this FReeride location,  starting from 17:00 lets gather in guest house to party, award best riders of the season, go in sauna, jump in pond, watch videos, photos, Rampage live streaming, play novuss and of course “Brālis” Beerpong.
See ya all on Saturday, 17th of October in Guest house “Sveikuļi” and near Goathill, don’t forget to bring your partymood, cauze you can stay here for night also, and go home only next day.

Share for evening 8Eur (except Baltic DH Cup prizewinners)


Camping houses 10Eur + 4Eur per Person (6 Persons per House)


Location for Guest House  
Location  for Goathill FReeride 

This litle map maybe will help



So… RIDE with fun in daytime, and PARTY with even more fun in nighttime.

See Ya!


More INFO to downhilllv@gmail.com or +371 26398776 (Gusts)